Friday, April 18, 2008


I ran into this statement today on a recipe page:

"I started looking for vegan recipes and what I found was a lot of fake food. Fake meat, fake milk, fake cheese, even fake bacon. That just made me sad. If people want to eat fake stuff, so be it, but not me!"

This is something that always bugged me about vegetarian food. It really does seem like a lot of it replaces meat with highly processed food, that lets face it is probably even worse for you than the meat itself(a quick metric that usually tells you with surprising accuracy how healthy something is, is the number of ingredients. The dozen ingredients in fake bacon or sixteen in vegan cheese doesn't sound healthy enough to really be worth it. That is right up with microwave burritos) Why vegetarian food doesn't do a better job in its own right is beyond me. Indian food certainly seems to do a good job without the highly processed fake substances.

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