Friday, April 11, 2008

Itunes Store

And apparently it was too good to be true. Any Audiobooks(or for that matter music) from the itunes store is copyright protected so it can only work on a limited number of computers. Not only that, but it only will work in itunes, no non-Apple program can run it! Until Feb 20th there was a crack out there for those files, but they got shut down and from what I can tell I have little to no way of getting past the copyright protection. The only possible exception would be to burn CDs, and re import them.

Oh well, from now on I buy real CDs and will only use Itunes Store for free stuff.

Edit: apparently this, and this can remove the protection. If I had hundreds of dollars in stuff I would buy them. However as it is I don't see a reason to pay. I might try the burning a fake CD method.

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