Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This may save you some money.

Something about this article amused me. Apparently putting prices in round numbers makes people less willing to accept the price. It is like the brain thinks about whether the least significant, non zero, digit is right, while mostly ignoring the most significant one.

Anyways, remember this if you are ever selling anything really expensive:

"The psychologists decided to check these lab findings in the real world. They looked at five years of real estate sales in Alachua County, Florida, comparing list prices and actual sale prices of homes. They found that sellers who listed their homes more precisely—say $494,500 as opposed to $500,000—consistently got closer to their asking price. Put another way, buyers were less likely to negotiate the price down as far when they encountered a precise asking price. Furthermore, houses listed in round numbers lost more value if they sat on the market for a couple of months. So, bottom line: one way to deal with a buyer’s market may be to pick an exact list price to begin with."

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Sorry for the off topic but I am trying to find SCA people with knowledge of shield/club combat.

Your blog is coming up in a search but you don't seem to be SCA yourself. Would you please pass this along to any heavy weapons SCA people you know?

This is for Anon's board in support of Iran protesters.

This is another long shot but the Iranians are n00bs at this. A beg on Anon's board sent me searching.

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