Saturday, April 5, 2008

It really amuses me watching the supporters of affirmative action try to figure out what to do now that a proper affirmative action program in college would kick out about 10% of females so the college sex ratio could be equal(pretty much all the guys who want to, and are capable of, being in college are. The only way to even the sex ratio is not letting qualified women in. Much like title 9 was mostly met by eliminating mens athletics). Not only that but a lot of Asians need to be kicked out to make the race ratio equal the percentage of the population. When it was White Males who were being picked on by affirmative action it was moral. Now that it is Asian Females it isn't nearly as politically correct.

Article that inspired the rambling
""Why aren't they marching in the streets? That's the part that slays me," Delahunty says. "It isn't fair, and young women should be saying something about it not being fair.""

I bet if white males were marching in the streets a decade or two ago over affirmative action that lady would have been just as up in arms.

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