Friday, July 11, 2008

Selecting Teachers

"Researches have looked at just about every possible determinant of teaching success, and it seems there's nothing on a prospective teacher's résumé that indicates how he or she will do in the classroom. While some qualifications boost performance a little bit—National Board certification seems to help, though a master's degree in education does not—they just don't improve it very much."

This is something I am glad some people are finally paying attention to. A lot of the effort in improving schools has been entirely wasted because it has gone into improving the education of new teachers. Things like requiring teachers to get a masters degree. Turns out that a bad teacher who gets a masters degree is just a bad teacher who managed to sit through a few more boring courses. There are many people with only a high school education who could out-teach her. Hopefully the system can move away from its institutional bias towards adding things towards the resumes of teachers, and move toward some reasonable gauge of teaching effectiveness.

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