Friday, July 25, 2008

Peak Everything

This is an interesting lecture, peak everything. His oil, and natural gas statements are fairly good. Having hit peak oil in America three decades ago we know a lot about what is about to happen there. His coal numbers I would take with a grain of salt. His Nuclear numbers are absolutely absurd, if for no other reason than he notably didn't even mention the most common element that can be burned in a nuclear power plant, Thorium. Another gaping hole in his logic is not including an analysis of what breeder reactors could do. Also his analysis on other metals is fairly meaningless since we can recycle them forever, and have no limits on the amount of Iron, and Silicon we can produce, while having more carbon than we could ever use on artificial diamond, and carbon nanotube structures.

Still, if we don't choose to use Nuclear Energy, or wait to long to do anything we could get stuck in a situation like he envisions. Although the odds of it happening are much lower that he believes.

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