Saturday, January 8, 2011

Organic tales

Organic food has always annoyed me. It just isn't clear that it is any better for anyone or anything. For example, it is often talked about how much more environmentally friendly it is. This is not in any way clear however. Crop yields are lower for organic crops, this means more land is required to grow the same amount of food. This means less land is available for wildlife.

This rant was inspired by this article. Once again, organic food has been shown to be no more healthy than conventionally raised crops. However, in my life organic food is almost certainly less healthy. This is because it is expensive. That means it leads me to eat less vegetables because I am cheap.

Far better to eat the cheapest vegetables I can find. Typically these are the vegetables which require the least chemicals, the least land, and least care. This makes them the most likely to be environmentally friendly.

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Mirella said...

They say you are what you eat,
I love the earth and the nature but I agree with you these kind of food should be cheaper

Warm regards,

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