Sunday, January 30, 2011

18.8% of Asian girls

America has been such a mix of different races for so long that it really is slowly becoming impossible to define the race of many Americans beyond mixed. I know several Americans who have ancestry from four continents. In a hundred years it will be the norm. Most Americans of European ancestry already identify as white instead of English, Irish, German, Greek, Italian, or any other nationality. This is amazing considering how much trouble early Irish and Eastern Europeans had when they first moved here. Now that interracial marriage is so common though soon it will just be possible for most to identify as American. Being American will imply being multiracial.

The New York Times has a decent article on this subject. Of particular interest is the graphic in the article. Almost twenty percent of Asian girls are marrying white guys! American Indians are quickly losing their racial identity. Almost half marry white, any many marry other races. I suspect the same is true of American Jews, although the graphic does not show this.

Still, only 5% of white or black women marry outside their race. So while this is happening quickly by historical standards, there is still room for a lot of interracial conflict.

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