Saturday, January 15, 2011

No oil data?

Apparently the EIA has decided to stop issuing International Petroleum Monthly, the nice excel files it has sent out for many years. Before it was simple to make graphs of the oil production of any country in the world, or the world as a whole. You would go to their site, download more than a decade of data and graph it.

It sounds like the data itself will still exist, it will just not be in an easily usable format. In honor of the death of this source of data, here is the final graph of oil production, taken from another blogger. It shows quite clearly that the dramatic increases in the price of oil have not resulted in more production since 2004 when prices averaged under $40 a barrel.

Supply not increasing after such clear price signals either implies real limits on supply, or OPEC finally learning to control supply after decades of failure.

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