Monday, February 15, 2010

Obama has it made

The Democrats in congress are going to get crushed. There is no way around it, they have nothing to run off of this fall. The only decent legislation they managed to pass was the credit card bill, and since it resulted in the credit card companies raising the interest rates on most cards few people are yet going to be thankful for it(it banned what the credit card companies just did, so of course they did as much as they could before the law stopped them).

Obama has it made though. There is absolutely nothing that is better for a president than a recession during his first year. He managed to take office right as the economy was at its worst:

Source (click to enlarge)

The economy has three years to continue the track it has been going on. All he has to do is get out of the way and watch it grow. Even if he cannot get Congress to produce any decent legislation the average worker will be better at the end of his term, than they were at the end of the Bush administration. With a track record like that, he will have no trouble in the next election.

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