Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am a stud

Okcupid has a really neat blog about who does best on their site. Everything from the type of picture, to race and religion are discussed.

I can only conclude that I am a stud.

First I am white. White guys do the best by far.

So white guys are more likely to get a response to emails they send. Asian, Hispanic, and White girls are more likely to respond to them than any other race. We are never worse than third.

I am not religious.

Match percentage is a pretty annoying way to measure attractiveness. However it is true that on their site, people are more likely to contact people who have a high match percentage. So it is likely that dates are easier to get as an Athiest, Agnostic, Jew, or Buddhist, than a Muslim Hindu or Protestant.

I will be watching closely for when the graphs on profession, income, height, and other factors come out. I imagine that this site will be pretty impressive as time passes.

Other interesting data from the site:

Astrology is bullshit:

Half of men think they are a genius:

They just might be. Women are bad at math. They think 80% of men are less attractive than average. Men however are quite clear about who is of average attractiveness.

Men care a lot more about how attractive a woman is. They are quite good at identifying and contacting these woman. Women spend a lot of time talking to men they believe are less attractive than average.

Women unsurprisingly do worse the older they are:

That trend even holds true even if they girl is hot enough to put a revealing picture on the site.

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