Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tax Cannibus

I was bored last night, and decided to go to a meeting for volunteers to help with the tax cannibus ballot initiative. This is the ballot initiative to legalize and tax marijuana in California. I was rather expecting a disorganized group of stereotypical pot-heads. And there were some of them there. But more impressive, these people really have their act together. 

The meeting was smaller than I expected, maybe a dozen people. This made me think the gathering of 650,000 signitures would prove nearly impossible. Quickly it was clear I mis-judged though. The meeting was only for new volunteers, they clearly have a much larger force at work elsewhere. They are actually half way through gathering signitures after only a month, they have until Feb to finish!  

Tomorrow I will go out with some people to collect signitures. Should be exciting!

This will be a fun election.  

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