Sunday, November 1, 2009

iphone not playing music

My iphone stopped playing music at all for a few months. Whenever I would hit play, it would hesitate for a little while than go back to the main menu. It was as if it never even tried to play the MP3. The speakers clearly worked. I could play youtube videos just fine, and the ring tones sounded normal. I just couldn't play music.

I never was able to find a solution for this problem online. Mostly because it was hard to find proper keywords to describe this problem. Anyways I did find a general solution guide for the iphone. One of the more simple solutions they offered managed to fix the problem. I simply had to restore it to factory settings. After that it worked just fine.

The phone is now in the best shape it has been in for ages. It was giving error messages "This accessory was not made to work with iPhone" and asking me to enter airplane mode every few minutes. For no apparent reason these errors have disappeared. Now essentially every feature on this phone works like new, despite being a first generation phone that has been used a great deal. A good excuse to not bother buying a new phone for a few more months.

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