Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cheap Cars

I just spent a day with a rented Hyundai Accent. It was depressing. Why is a compass not standard in every car? this is tenth century technology people! I got so lost losing it and my navigation system. I went the wrong way on several roads getting myself quite lost.

Also, come on ringing when I put my car into drive or reverse and don't have my seat belt is fine. But if I want to put on my seat belt after I turn off my car stop beeping at me there is nothing unsafe about this. Also, if I start driving with it off, than I don't want it on. Stop beeping at me. Once is enough! That alone would stop me from ever buying this car. I am good about putting my seat belt on. I realize that for some people cars substitute as a girlfriend, but nagging should not be part of that relationship.

And I really understand why we traded gas mileage for horsepower. I had to fight that poor thing to go 65mph on the freeway.

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