Saturday, May 3, 2008

Planes are difficult

I have to get to Fresno from Ithaca. I essentially have 4 choices in plane tickets

Ithaca to Fresno $600
Syracuse to Fresno $450
Ithaca to San Jose $480
Syracuse to San Jose $350

I usually do Ithaca to Fresno. After seeing the price of Syracuse to San Jose I am more confused. It looks like a really good deal at first glance. However it is a 2 week trip, so I will probably end up paying $100 parking, and a total of 3 hours of driving getting myself to and from Syracuse is probably another 40$. In San Jose it is similarly confusing. I save $120 by going there instead of Fresno. If I was simply driving too, and from San Jose I would probably spend a total of $60 in gas. If I rent a car I think I am stuck worse off than just getting ripped off on the plane tickets.

How difficult.

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