Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can't hold some people down

While people often ask Hillary why she is still in the race, few ask why Ron Paul is still in the race. Mostly this is because they don't realize he is still in the race. If you do notice him though, it is pretty obvious he is a man with an opinion that he will share with as many people as he can. Given his huge campaign donations I suspect he is living the high life, since the donations can't be used for much else he may as well use them to travel around the country and talk to people

Anyways, I thought I would pass along this article on his campaign. He really has made quite a stir, and there is every reason to expect more people like him in office as time passes.

"In Michigan, where Mr. Paul received 6 percent of the vote, 34 percent of Paul voters were under 30, compared with 13 percent of voters there over all. (Mr. Paul is also, largely, a guy thing. In the New Hampshire primary, where the candidate received 8 percent of the vote, his support was 77 percent male, according to exit polls.)"

"Mr. Paul was supposed to be a memory by now. But in the Oregon primary last week, he won 15 percent of the vote, and the campaign appears to be growing into something beyond a conventional protest campaign. Some supporters have helped turn the outspoken congressman’s campaign into a colorful, loud sideshow with their guerrilla marketing tactics — self-penned Ron Paul anthems on YouTube, a Ron Paul blimp, T-shirts that portray Mr. Paul as a world-historical icon like Che Guevara. Attendance at Ron Paul campaign stops has nearly returned to pre-Super Tuesday levels."

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