Sunday, June 21, 2015


After pondering the question for some time, I ordered a Sidekick Duo and a dive arm. It seemed like the best light that can easily be mounted on a selfie stick. If it proves to not be up to the task, I will get a dive tray and a second light. to make a rig similar to this one. For video that would produce far superior results.

There are plenty of smart people who say this is underpowered, for example this article claims you should have a minimum of two 1000 lumen bulbs or one 4000 lumen bulb. I have trouble believing the situation is that bad though. The Gopro often produces good photos free diving with no light at all. So it seems to me that going from no lights, to a 600 lumen light should increase the percentage of photos that I end up saving. Given how few photos I get which are decent, this is probably a move from perhaps 1% to 2% but that could still be a big difference given that I am shooting about 3000 photos a trip. There were many shots, such as the one shown below, which a little light could have gone a long way towards improving:

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