Sunday, June 14, 2015

Montage Underwater Photographs

In trying to reduce the number of blurry pictures, I turned the Gopro Hero 4 Black EV Comp setting to -1. The hope was that it would force quicker shutter times which would result in less blurry pictures. It worked, I got less blurry pictures. However while the average picture was less blurry, the very best pictures were not nearly as nice. In software I was able to make them brighter, but the lack of light was still noted.

I also experimented with 30 photos over 60 seconds. Unless I can get a selfie stick that can trigger the Gopro while it is five feet away from me, this is probably the best setting. It gives me time to get the stick where it needs to be, while taking 5 photos a second. The timelapse setting had problems since it was only taking 2 photos a second. I often missed things I was sure I caught.

The software editing is still the most impressive thing to me about Gopro. Here is a few before and after shots after just a few seconds of editing:

California Spiny Lobster

Schooling fish in a kelp forest


Here are a few other interesting things I found:

Spanish Shawl

Green Abalone

Sand Bass

Brown Gorgonian

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