Sunday, March 8, 2015

Back to Laguna

I returned to Laguna Beach with my Hero 4 Black, there was only 10-15 foot visibility but the Gopro isn't very good at pictures farther than five feet anyway so visibility was enough.

The Gopro is maddening. It takes so many great pictures, but takes twenty awful pictures for every good one. The strong lesson is that I need to stay absolutely still for at least ten seconds with the camera pointed at what I want a photo of. This has turned out to not be so easy when the surf is battering you back and forth and you would really like to return to the surface so you can breath. Also, the camera takes its best pictures when it is 1-2 feet from a fish. Farther than that and the fish is tiny, closer than that and the camera cannot focus so the picture is blurry.

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