Thursday, March 5, 2015

12th great.

Well, it would take me months, if not years, to confirm every step. I found a plausible path for my family name back to the mid fifteen hundreds though.

Henry Emmett Rorabaugh, 1901, Oklahoma
John William Rorabaugh, 1874, Iowa
Fourth Great: John Mitchell Rorabaugh, 1837, West Virginia
Fifth Great: Nathan Rorabaugh, 1811, Virginia
Sixth Great: John Rorabaugh, 1768, Virginia
Seventh Great: Johann Rohrbough, 1740 Germany
Eighth great: Johann Rohrbach, 1699 Germany
Ninth Great: Johann Rohrbach, 1668 Germany
Tenth Great: Johann Rohrbach, 1648 Germany
Eleventh Great: Johann Rohrbach, 1610, Germany
Twelfth Great: Claus Rohrbach, 1565, Germany

This entire tree was produced by other people. I have looked at absolutely no primary documents to confirm any of it. All I did was put in a few generations out of an old family book, until I found a way to merge with the world family tree.

If I had to guess, the parts in America are substantially correct. The five Johann's in a row in Germany seem a bit suspicious. Not speaking German, I doubt that could be easily confirmed though.

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