Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gopro Hero 4 Black Underwater

I took out a Gopro hero black underwater for the first time today. The main lesson is that the Gopro makes a horrible camera. Fewer than one photo in a hundred was of any decent quality. The slightest movement from either the person holding the camera, or what is being photographed and the picture is ruined. Also, it absolutely needs full sun, very few pictures in the shade turned out at all.

Still, I was able to get enough pictures for a fair number of iNaturalist submissions. It was also clear that the camera works well for selfies, where it is relatively easy to limit movement and keep things in a high light area. It also works much better for video than for still photos.

The following were all taken on the night time lapse setting:

The following were extracted from 4k video files:

Time lapse, or perhaps burst, seems to be the way to go. Pulling images from video just doesn't quite match up. From what I have seen, it is necessary to be really still and in full sun for the gopro to produce good results. When everything aligns it does well though.

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