Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reddit knows everything

While thinking about ideas for my future back yard I decided it would be a good idea to focus on perennial herbs and berries. Both of these are fairly expensive in stores and easy to grow. They might even be able to survive my world famous neglect.

I then decided it would be neat to try and plant a couple native berry plants. I know from hiking and poking around nurseries that there are quite a few edible native berries. Which ones to plant though? Online research turned up a dozen or so possibilities, but not very much I could do to differentiate among them.

So I turned to reddit. I made a post on /r/gardening and /r/berries. Sure enough, I was able to find people who had actually tried most of the berries native to the state of California.

Sounds like my best bets are Nevin's Barberry, Holly-Leafed Cherry, Lemonade Berry, and Golden Currant. I might give in and do a Manzanita too though just because they are awesome. These are all native to my general area of California so they should be low maintenance, although most are found at higher elevations.

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