Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Construction everywhere

After sitting so long in a recession, it is pretty shocking to once again be in an area that is booming. I took a different route home today and sure enough I passed two major commercial developments under construction. There are quite a few apartment buildings, condos, and new homes going up all over the place as well.

Here are the major residential projects in my area I know of off the top of my head. They range from just a couple units, to over a thousand units:

La Floresta, Brea
Birch Hills, Brea
Shea Homes, Brea
Artisian at Main Street Metro, Corona
Citrus Park, Fullerton
University House, Fullerton
Avo, La Habra
Brio, La Habra
The Palisades, Yorba Linda
The Preserve, Yorba Linda
Villaggio, Yorba Linda

There are also some big commercial projects such as The Source in Buena Park.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that enough units can actually be constructed here to bring the price of housing down the the price of construction. The NIMBYs have calmed down a little now that it is blatantly obvious the area needs jobs, but they still haven't given up. A large development in Fullerton for example was just shot down by voters, and another development in Diamond Bar was forced to remove all commercial buildings in order to get installed. Thus, the NIMBYs created more traffic by making it impossible to walk anywhere from home.

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