Sunday, August 19, 2012

Me getting squashed like a bug

While it is unreliable if he lost his belt and bought or borrowed a new one, you can make a pretty good guess as to how good a jiu jitsu blue belt is by looking at his belt. If it is all faded out, he has been a blue belt for a long time. Since it is typical to be a blue belt for two or more years this likely means he has spent a whole lot of time on the mat.

That was the first thing I noticed when I walked out on the mat with this guy. I was obviously out of my league. Knowing that, I was able to stall for about four minutes with a score of 0, 0. The match was six minutes. Once he got out of my stalling he just stomped on me though. Apparently if I managed to hold out another 21 seconds I at least would have lost off points rather than having him choke me.

After the match, he added me on facebook, then posted a video of me getting pounded on for that last minute and a half. I would much prefer having video footage of the match I won, or at least the full match showing I at least held up for a while before he squashed me like a bug but at least I can prove I actually was there:

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