Tuesday, August 7, 2012

End of Privacy

I have been thinking recently that technology is making it almost impossible to protect privacy. Various types of recording ranging from GPS and license plate recording to hidden cameras make it possible to track someone every minute with very little cost in materials or data storage.

Running into this site really encouraged that thinking.

Hidden camera that looks like a rock.

Hidden camera that looks like a clock.

Wrist watch camera.

Camera hidden in a pair of glasses.

Belt with a camera.

Key chain with a camera.

Camera hidden in a power outlet.

Wall wart camera.

Neck tie with a camera.

Smoke detector with a camera.

Real time GPS tracking service.

As best I can tell it would be possible to record everything that happens in a home and track all vehicles someone owns for no more than a thousand dollars. A decade from now all those cameras are almost certain to be high resolution and cheaper. This is also likely to be nothing compared to what the government has access to.  

I suppose on the positive side, anything those in power do is now being recorded too. This is more because of camera phones than these silly spy gadgets, but it may have a beneficial effect.

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