Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Alaska Gear

Our first flight was cancelled. This delays our arrival 30 hours, so we won't get to spend any time in Anchorage.

Unfortunately we had planned to buy a lot of gear in Anchorage. I figured that a Target in Anchorage would have most of what we needed and if that failed there was always an REI. Now however, we had no chance to shop there. So we went to an REI and the Bass Pro Shop in Southern California. The Bass Pro Shop was useless. They essentially had no gear for those temperatures. At REI 90% of the gear was focused on people who intended to be in twenty degree weather, but we were able to piece together some gear which seemed appropriate at the -30 or colder we will see. Unfortunately this was a lot more expensive than a Target in Anchorage would be but I think we have a reasonable shot at being able to walk around Fairbanks in reasonable comfort. I am also bringing some old gear from Ithaca, in particular my old coat. I wore it in -6 weather with much less warm of gear below it so I suspect that it will work. I got:

Snow Pants
Fleece Pants(is polyester really fleece? Either way they seemed warm)
Liner Gloves

To go along with what I bought previously

Expedition Weight Wool Thermal Pants
Expedition Weight Wood Thermal Shirt
Wool Socks
Wool balaclava
Wool Beanie

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