Sunday, January 1, 2012

Alaska Gear

I am starting to assemble some gear for Alaska. I will only be there a week, but expect to see at least -20F temperatures and perhaps as low as -50F. This has proven to be somewhat of a challenge. I have decided to just try and get one outfit that I could comfortably walk around in while in Anchorage. Then wash it if necessary. I expect the temperature there to be between -10 +20F. In fairbanks I can always rent equipment at the Chena Hot Springs if I do serious hiking or dog sledding.

This shouldn't be too bad. I survived enough Ithaca winters after all. Still, I expect to be at least briefly out in weather thirty degrees lower than I have ever been in so I do take it seriously.

I just ordered the first half of this outfit. Next, I buy boots, pants, and a jacket but so far I somewhat have gone overboard:

Expedition Weight Wool Thermal Pants
Expedition Weight Wood Thermal Shirt
Wool Socks
Wool balaclava
Wool Beanie

I decided that I want to try on the snow pants, boots, and jacket before buying it. So I will get the rest of my gear at the REI in Anchorage. They have no sales tax there, so I imagine that it will not be too much more expensive than Amazon. Also, I can be assured of finding gear which meets the quality requirements I need for those conditions. I doubt I can find much in Southern California stores worth wearing in less than perhaps ten degree weather.

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