Saturday, July 9, 2011

Real estate declines over the past year.

Just about everywhere around me seems to have had home prices which fell a lot more last year. I just summed up numbers from Zillow:

Alhambra, 35k drop in median home price
Anaheim 23k
Brea 44k
Chino 18k
Chino Hills 30k
Claremont 19k
Corona 10k
Diamond Bar 27k
Fullerton 38k
Orange 51k
Pasadena 21k
Pomona 5k
Rosemead, 10k
Rowland Heights 38k
San Gabriel 35k
West Covina 16k
Walnut 38k
Yorba Linda 42k

About the only places in the area I am looking at living in which had their prices hold up this last year were

Pico Rivera, median home prices rose $1k.
Riversida 3k

It seems like the really poor areas are done with their real estate crash, while wealthier places still have a beating. I really do not expect much more of a decline in Pomona or Riverside as the prices are back to pre-bubble levels. Outside these areas I would be terrified to buy right now. The price of the home is dropping faster than I could make payments. If it stops falling for two years, or if prices where I buy are at pre bubble levels than I will reconsider.

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