Monday, July 4, 2011


This aquarium has given me hope that it is possible to make a real ecosystem in a glass box. I didn't feed it at all for the few weeks I was in Costa Rica and while my cherry shrimp still won't breed they all seem to be alive. The tank is now being taken over by tiny seed shrimp. There must be two or three hundred of the tiny things.

I imagine with a slightly larger aquarium you could make an ecosystem dependent on only light and if you are trimming plants occasional nutrient additions to make up for what you lose. Still, to make an actually nice aquarium I would need to buy a new aquarium and get more diversity of plants.

Full aquarium pictures:

A Cherry Shrimp:

Some Seed Shrimp:

This would make a particularly good refugium. I could connect this small aquarium up to a larger aquarium separated by some sort of mesh so only small creatures could get out. Baby snails and shrimp would then feed fish in the larger aquarium.

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