Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gary Johnson

I will probably vote for Obama this election. Not so much because I actually have so much agreement with him, although he certainly has done a few bills like the Credit Card one which I strongly supported. The Republicans have been horrible though. Since early in the Bush administration I have had a hard time relating with many of them. They have consistently managed to put money into the parts of the government that I dislike while ignoring parts that I like.

The best chance I have seen yet for the Republicans to change my mind is Gary Johnson. He strikes me as a rational Republican. Someone who actually means it when he says he supports small government, and isn't primarily interested in making parts of government that actually work smaller.

What I am really tired of is Republicans who shout for freedom one minute, than go screaming about how the terrorists will get us if we don't fund the TSA and bomb oil bearing desert countries! the druggies will get us if we don't lock up millions of poor people! Either support this being a free country, or cut the propaganda and admit you only support freedom for people who look and act like you. At least the liberals seem to be pretty honest that they support big government.

Gary Johnson seems to be getting some attention such as this article in The Atlantic, and this article in Slate. Unfortunately they all point out the obvious. Ron Paul will over shadow him and this is a shame. Ron Paul is much kookier and has much less executive experience. The odds of him getting elected are nil. Gary Johnson just might be mainstream enough to take Obama's support from people like me, while still maintaining support from more traditional Republicans.

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