Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Voter registration

Well, I got screwed by moving one city too far and my car accident. I moved in July to a new place. Because of that I filled out a voter registration form about a month ago. Unfortunately this needs to be mailed in. I didn't have a stamp so I just put it in my car to mail later. Then the car was totalled in another town so I packed everything in the car away in a bag. For some reason I thought I sent it in or I would have been fine. This would have been an obvious mistake had my car not been hit, but hidden in a bag in my closet I stopped seeing the forms.

I just looked at the laws. If I had moved 15 days before the election I could vote at the old polling place. If I had moved to somewhere in the same county I could still vote. I however am one town away from my former county. It is therefore not possible for me to vote, even though I registered to vote in this state within the past year.

Next election I really need to get behind a day of election voting registration ballot measure. There is no good reason for this. I have no doubt that thousands of people don't vote since they have to re-register constantly unless they have a stable residency. At the very least they should let you vote at the old site for a year after you move. This way you have a chance to realize your mistake and correct it.

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