Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nagging electronics

I hate electronics that try to nag me to do what it feels is necessary.

I just got an iphone 4. So far it seems pretty much exactly like my iphone 1 except it is a little better at doing everything the iphone 1 could do. Really it doesn't seem revolutionary in the way the first iphone was. However, it has done some random changes in the settings for no apparent reason. The most annoying one of these was enforcing a voice mail password.

Now, there are several things on my iphone which I would rather no one use:

First on this list is facebook. Someone with my facebook application could generally make a fool of me to a very large audience and in a generally believable way.

Second on this list is my email. It is not terribly unusual for things to be in my email that don't need to be public knowledge. For example I wouldn't be surprised if at some point a credit card number or social security number has slipped into my email account.

Third would be my text messages. There is just a lot of data here, also there is the ability to send messages to essentially everyone I know.

Forth would be the notepad. I often use it to record large amounts of semi-private information.

However none of these have a default password. Anyone could steal my iphone and get to the information. Now, I am sure if I cared enough I could get a password for all of this but really, you aren't going to find anything that exciting.

However my voicemail has a default password. It also seems to be one I didn't set. It just made up one and I had to waste a half hour trying to figure out how to remove it. Why would I care though? unlike everything else I use on the iphone this does not include any of my information. It is all other people's information, and seriously, how much do people put in a voicemail that matters? I can't think of a single voicemail I have got ever that anyone would care enough to spy on. The only reason I can see anyone caring is if they are cheating. And if you are cheating, you probably need to worry far more about your email and text messages than your voicemail.

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