Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ultra-Simple Generator

My newest creation is an ultra-simple generator. It is just about the simplest generator possible. 400 feet of really thin wire, four magnets, a nail, a really low voltage light bulb, and a cardboard box.

On the one hand it kind of sucks. It can barely make a flash of light. It can at least be seen in a lit room, but it is a whole lot of work for that little bit of light.

On the other hand, it is just about the only way to get electricity without plugging something into a wall, a commercial generator which is difficult to understand, or using a battery. This generator also happens to use the same physics as real power plants but in a way that is easily seen, if still difficult to understand.

What I really want is a generator and motor that are easy to see working and connected together. If I was to make improvements I think I could spin one magnet, and have it turn another one across the room. I would just be a transformer away from have a mini version of a utility.

Next though is a Leyden Jar and Electrophorus to charge it with. Big sparks sound more fun than little flashes of light.

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