Saturday, January 30, 2010

Indian Restaurant

I was invited to go to a Taiwanese beer house last night to celebrate an Engineer at work passing the EIT. At some point I was handed directions by someone, at the top they said simply "Indian Restaurant." My thought was pretty much, well it is early maybe we are getting Indian food, than heading out for beer.

We get there at 5:40 just to discover the place opens at 6pm. So we had some time to kill. Being one to show off my nerdy creation I decided to head back to my car, get my generator, and show people with it. I was not sure how this would go over, everyone in the group was an engineer, and most of them had taken power courses that must have showed them similar devices. I rather expected it would be something they had all seen dozens of times. Despite my expectations, I don't get the impression that many of them had seen anything like it before. Most of the night someone in the group of ten or so people was playing with it.

Anyways, eventually we go into the place. The first thing I see is a totem pole. For some reason it hadn't quite hit me what I walked into. I then notice the waitresses. Lets face it, it is hard not to notice the waitresses. They all Asian girls in matching black mini-skirts and red feathers in their hair.

So, apparently this is a Taiwanese beer house. There is something really odd about a place full of Asians dressed as American Indians.

They didn't seem to exactly serve normal meals, but they had skewers of meat of just about any type that could reasonably be expected. Frog legs, chicken hearts, rotton tofu, and so on. Most of it was surprisingly good, but I don't think I will be trying stinky tofu again. Yes, it does taste like it smells.

I don't imagine anyone I know is looking for an odd bar to go to in an Asian part of LA very often. But if you are, that makes for a fun one. Its reviews on Yelp are all pretty good as well so I can't be the only one who thought it made for an interesting place.

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