Friday, October 30, 2009

Cars are great

One thing environmentalists do that always bugs me is ignore just how great cars really are. The reason people drive them isn't that they want to pollute, its that they really are the best technology for medium distance transportation. I can Get in my car at any time, and drive any distance from a few feet, to three or four thousand miles. I don't have to work around anyone else's schedule, if I want to drive somewhere at 3am there are no issues, and I can get damn near anywhere. If the trip is less than 500 miles, it is probably the cheapest and fastest way to travel too.

I don't know what will replace cars. But I can predict that cars will remain with us until all of those features are matched by another technology, or the cost is so much lower that people give up cars. I for one will almost always use either the fastest, or the cheapest way from my front door, to the front door of where I want to be. The only times this has not been a car have been when Parking is severely restricted as in New York City, or Cornell or when the distance is so long that flying becomes the faster option.

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