Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mobile Phone Sites

Mobile versions of webpages are right up there with call centers staffed by people with poor English, excel automatically changing what I typed in because it thinks its a date, spell checkers automatically making a correctly spelled word incorrect, things not being where I put them and parrots in my list of most annoying things...

Iphones are quite capable of handling any website, but many major sites assume that on a mobile phone what we must want is a version of the website with big buttons but an eighth the information. They then forward me to this useless hell hole every time I visit. The only site smart enough to let me turn off this "feature" is wikipedia. Every single time I go to some sites they waste my time loading a scaled down version of the page that is useless, and make me find the hidden link that will turn it off... The only site other than wikipedia I have seen be rational is the San Francisco Gate. They make me click to enter the mobile site, not click to leave it. That way if there is someone who prefers a webpage with half the utility they can have it, while the rest of us don't have to waste our time. Best though are sites like the New York Times that treat phone users the same as PC users.

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