Friday, May 8, 2009

Surfing, mini boom or dead?

It always amuses me to catch contradictions in the media. About a month ago there was this LA times article talking about what a rough time surf shops have been having. I guess in the economy people aren't wasting a ton of money on surfing.

Then today I run into this SF gate article about a surfing boom that is leading to fights in the water around San Francisco.

My money is on the LA times article. Surfing has always been crowded around big cities and there are always assholes, I doubt the SF gate article is talking about anything that hasn't been happening for decades. Perhaps it has even been getting better.

Either way, I will only be like 20 miles from the Ocean, so I finally have no excuse and should be able to learn to surf. While I have probably gone 20 times before they were never in a short enough time frame for me to get very good.

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