Friday, May 15, 2009

I am a Giant!

I just walked something like six miles through Alhambra, near where I will be moving. Out of at least fifty people I passed on the street not a single one was taller than me. This is rather an unusual experience for me, at 5' 11" I am only about a half inch taller than the mean for white males of my age. Since I am taller than the vast majority of women that means I am usually one of the taller people in a room but I don't stand out as such.

Now, it is general knowledge that Asians are shorter than white people on average so this was only a little surprising to me. However after several years out of state I hadn't realized how few Hispanic people are taller than me.

I went and looked at wikipedia numbers on average height, sure enough Mexican American males average only 5' 7", and the Asian nationalities range from about 5' 3" for Vietnamese to 5' 8" for Koreans. So in a neighborhood where there are not many white or black men I am practically a giant!

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