Thursday, April 9, 2009

Power Grid

As I am sitting patiently waiting for final word on an electrical engineering job from Southern California Edison I may as well link this article talking about what bad shape the electrical grid is in. It really does seem like a good time to get involved with the subject as it is one of our bigger energy issues in America, yet does not attract the number of interested people that say Solar power does.

They invited me down to Rosemead twice, and the person doing the hiring has done nothing but tell me how amazing I am and how I am almost certain to get the position. But they are making final decisions this week and sending out a letters with the offers. I should hear by the end of tomorrow, Monday or Tuesday at the worst. Until I get something in writing I will be freaking out a little bit though. Everyone I have talked to seems to have a story about a job they were sure they got based on what the people at the company told them, but that ultimately turned them down. As long as he isn't an amazing liar, or they lose funding for the position, I imagine I will have it though.

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