Saturday, April 4, 2009

Buying everything new

At some point in the next year(hopefully sooner rather than later) I will have to buy almost everything new. I have a decent set of silverware, clothes, a car, a computer, and some random hobby gear but that is about it. This means I will have to start buying furniture and kitchen equipment in large amounts over the next year. I also am likely to stay in the same general part of the country for some time meaning that I will likely be able to keep most things I own whenever I move.

Now, my first priority is cheapness. I don't believe in wasting money on stuff like this when I can go spend it on silly hobbies. This however is a complicated question to figure out. Sometimes when you buy the more expensive item you are paying for style, and the total cost will simply be higher if you buy expensive stuff(most cars and clothes are this way). Sometimes however when you buy cheap items it is because they are poorly made and will break. Buying an expensive item that lasts 50 years is cheaper than buying a cheap item every year for that same time period. So I have been reading up on the subject trying to figure out what is actually worth blowing money on.

The real point of that rambling was to pass along this article. I never really understood the physics of why you would want to buy one kind of pan or another. This article does a really good job of explaining why some pans are good and some poor though.

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