Friday, January 9, 2009


I just got my car to the shop. It was no longer going into reverse which is pretty scary. On the plus side I was close to correct about a diagnosis, the shifter cable was worn out and needed replaced. However the transmission was also essentially dead. The total cost to repair is $4500-$5000 at the dealer. I might be able to find some place cheaper, but I am not terribly hopeful. My previous experience trying to get work done on the jaguar at other shops makes me inclined to believe that most places won't have the ability to get jaguar parts cheap enough to do the repair as cheaply as the dealer can.

Add on the $1500 to replace the air conditioner compressor, who knows what to fix the heater, and the two grand to fix the dent in the door and if I wanted to bring the car into as good as new condition and it would cost me about ten grand. The bluebook value for the car is $7,825-8,425.

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