Sunday, January 25, 2009

About the same

And life continues in much the same way as before. Still no job, a few calls but nothing that was a reasonable offer. I found a few job fairs in February in San Jose that I will go to, and I will start going to Fresno State seminars in Physics and Chemistry just because I know a lot of people there who might have an idea of where to look.

I took the CBEST so I can get a substitute teaching job. The flexible hours make this about the perfect part time job until I find a real job. I won't have scores on the writing section back for at least another week but I got a 77 on the reading, and 69 on math(out of 80) when I only needed a 37 to pass. The cumulative score of the three sections needed to be higher than 123, so even without the last score I beat one of the two requirements and would have to really bomb the last section to not be able to pass. Still I doubt ill be in a class room before mid February. At least once that happens I will be making a similar amount of money to when I was at Cornell.

My car turned out to be a bad transmission which is costing about $2500 to repair. When you add on the cost of fixing the air conditioner and heater you get horribly close to the bluebook value of the car. Still, it is a nice enough car that I suspect I can get it all the way to 300 000 miles while still having an impressive car. A little luck and it shouldn't end up no expensive than buying a new car would be. There is not much more that can break, is there?

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