Monday, December 14, 2015

Rorabaugh Census Data

I decided to go download a bunch of old census data.

The earliest references I found which is plausibly my ancesstors were two entries in the census, one in the 1810 census for John Rorabaugh which is plausibly my 6th great grandfather . In that era it doesn't have much information beyond that he was in Scipio New York.

In the 1840 census there were two plausible entries, another for John Rorabaugh, and one for Nathan Rorabaugh which is plausibly my 6th great grandfather. Again these entries provide little information.

The 1850 census starts to get more interesting with an entry for Nathan Rohrbought and family. In this era, at least they give information about the names of all family members:

The 1860 census has the same, an entry for Nathan Rorabaugh and Family:

The 1870 census has an entry for John Rorebach and family. By this time they say profession and net worth.

In 1880 Nathan Rorabaugh shows up again, this time living only with his youngest son:

For some reason there was an 1885 census in Iowa which found John Rorabaw and family.

1900 through 1930 finds John W Rorabaugh and his quickly growing family. I was not able to find names for all his 21 children, but I at least found all the ones from his first wife:

Henry Emmett Rorabaugh shows up in the 1930 census. I particularly like his Occupation: "Odd Jobs" Industry: "Any Place" entries.

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