Sunday, March 23, 2014

Field Guide to Orange County.

I have often found myself walking around, and wondering what is that ______. It could be a bug, a plant, a lizard, or other strange creature.

This is therefore one of my new favorite websites. For example, I went on a hike earlier today and there were a ton of white butterflies with orange tip wings. Quickly I went to the butterfly page. There I found a full color picture of a Sara Orangetip butterfly.

On that same trip I captured a spider. I was tired of invasive spiders filling my yard and I am looking to replace them with something native which is non-poisonous. A few minutes searching through the spider page, and I found the particular type of crab spider that I had caught.

The site doesn't give much information about each species, but just knowing the name makes it a whole lot easier to find more information on other sites.

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