Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Seeds

I just got my shipment of new seeds from Baker Creek. I also planted a few seeds which I saved from last year. Since most of what I planted last year is perennial I still have a lot of that going so I am mostly trying to fill in some of the bare dirt in the yard.

Here is what I planted:
Chinese 5 Color Peppers
Sweetie Star Stevia
Pepino Melon
Green Grape Tomato
Japanese Giant Red Mustard Greens
Pepper Cress
Merlot Lettuce
Slow Bolt Cilantro
Anise Hyssop
Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi
Bronze Smoky Fennel 
Five Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard

For the most part these plants do a reasonable job of fitting with the forest garden theme but I did get quite a few annual seeds for things I am likely to actually use. I imagine as time and motivation leave me I will reduce things to almost entirely perennial herbs and berries. The berries will be large enough in three or four years that little else will fit.

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