Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nitrogen Fixing Native Clover

I decided what the back yard needs is ground cover. Nitrogen fixating ground cover would be best. I planted some white clover seeds which I procured at my nearest park. These might do alright, but then I ran into the Larner Seeds website which has a half dozen varieties of native clover. 

I settled on getting Trifolium fucatum and Trifolium ciliolatum seeds. They are perhaps not as low water as I would prefer, but they seem to be native to the county I am in so they should be low maintenance. As best as I can tell they fix nitrogen like most any other clovers although I found no information on how efficient they are at it. Beyond that, both are edible clovers fitting well with the forest garden theme I am trying to keep up.

Miners lettice also sounded like a good idea. It grows wild near here so it should make an efficient ground cover.

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