Monday, December 24, 2012

New House

Well, I finally got talked into buying a new house. Not just as in new for me, an actual new house.

I have been convinced for some time that we need to start increasing the density of Southern California. The primary thing that needs to happen is 10+ story residential and commercial buildings within a half mile of existing train stations. It is a whole lot easier to build interesting things near public transit than it is to expand public transit to meet up with already existing homes, entertainment and workspace.

Of secondary importance is building a whole lot more housing in Orange and Los Angeles counties. This can help stop more people from commuting from Riverside and San Bernardino counties. This should be done by tearing down existing buildings rather than destroying more of the already limited habitat for coastal creatures.

Buying this home, rather than an existing home, encourages this trend. Rather than bidding up the price on already over-priced assets I am assisting in modeling the future.


Carmen Monrovia said...

Congrats on your new house! Are there any pictures, by the way? When are you going to move? It’s best to organize and label your stuff so you won’t have a hard time unpacking them.

Carmen Monrovia

Armandina Skerl said...

Isn’t exciting to move into a new home? What I love most about buying a new house is that I have the opportunity to decorate it myself. By the way, have you moved already?

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