Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Wish List

While I voted for Gary Johnson who I agree with more than just about any other politician, I really want Obama to win with Gary making up the difference in votes between the two so it is obvious to Republicans that they lost when they became the party of the police state. I have issues with the Democrats, but in the last 12 years the Republicans have gone off the deep end and need to be punished for it by losing to such a weak presidential candidate.

 Republicans win the house yet again. This might conflict with my support of Obama, but I don't trust either party with the presidency, house, and senate. With this sort of conflict it will be difficult for either party to pass some of their more wing-nut positions. 

Oregon, Colorado, and Washington state all have marijuana legalization propositions. At least one of these needs to pass. Preferably all three would pass, that would be enough to show Congress that they have a full scale rebellion on their hands and it would be best to back off.

Proposition 33 needs to lose. Will we really let corporations buy off laws so cheaply? There is rarely such a clear cut case of people trying to use money to influence politics in a way that is bad for most people.

Proposition 36 should pass. The reason we have no money for our schools comes down mostly to two things. Health care and law enforcement. The law enforcement is just not worth the money we are spending. It costs a lot more to put someone in prison than in school so I support any reasonable idea to lower the number of people in jail.

Elizabeth Warren would be a good addition to the senate. It is justice. There is no better way to pay back Republicans for blocking her appointment to a job she would be a good at than to have her take a senate seat from them. I can't say I agree with her on everything, but better decisions would be made with her in office.

I would like measure W and X in Fullerton to pass. Measure W would mean that a bunch of homes get built here. We need to increase density of cities in Southern California more than we need to build on fresh land, but at the very least this would construct many homes in an area I would like to buy. Measure X would legalize fireworks, another thing I always liked.

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