Monday, March 12, 2012

Stolen Books are Better

After about an hour of searching I have determined that stolen audiobooks are superior to all other options.

I bought a few audiobooks from itunes once. Never again. The copyright protection was a pain whenever I would switch computers and nothing about it made up for this added hastle.

Since Amazon dropped DRM from its music I thought that would be the way to go. Nope, no luck at all. They only sell audible audiobooks which are if anything even worse than itunes books. As best as I can tell the only way to get audiooks which are not a pain in the ass is downloading from torrents.

The only other option I consider reasonable is purchasing CDs and burning them. I think I will pass on that. The next best option is just get old books. Many audiobooks of old books are free available for free online.

Almost enough to make me start reading for Librivox, but I don't have the voice for it...

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