Thursday, May 26, 2011


One thing that having Obama as President and the tea party win a few elections seems to have done, is bring out more Republicans who aren't pansies. Under Bush, it seemed to be the policy of the Republicans to scream "the sky is falling, we must take away freedom to protect you!"

Now I seem to be seeing more stand up for reason. Texas put up a good fight bringing attention to the abuses of the TSA. Unfortunately they got bullied out of making a real stand, but it gives me hope that people on the right are starting to actually mean it again when they say they stand for small government.

Forbes this week has some articles I am really glad to see:

Kill the Un-american Patriot Act

Abolish the TSA

Unfortunately the Democrats are stepping up to give in to the fear. The Patriot Act just passed the Senate, and it is doubtful the house has the guts to eliminate a Bush era program.

I think I will try to push the idea of questioning the masculinity of anyone who supports these programs though. Really, making millions of Americans take off their shoes when no one has ever been killed by a shoe bomber. That is a pretty wimpy thing to do. As is pushing additional security for airports after nearly a decade devoid of airport terrorism in America. Rather than "land of the free and the home of the brave" we really seem to be degenerating into a land of people who will give up freedom any time someone tells us that there is some tiny risk we could be protected from.

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